Escorts Services with Sexy Massage

Escorting services in Hull can come in all shapes, sizes and requests.

It maybe that you would like to wind down and have a sensual massage in the comfort of your home or hotel room after work.

You may want a sexy private dance to do a bit of role play where the limits are endless. You decide.

Join me for some fun sexy time in Hull for a time you wont forget in a hurry.

Looking for sexy times boys?

Everyone gets a bit stressed, up tight and is usually down to work, home life and the lack of any type of fun. Whether you are married, with a girlfriend or single you feel at some points the need to let go and have a blast of fun with someone like me.

If it’s to act out a fantasy, get that massage your in need of or just some adult fun time I’m your lady!

Call me to arrange an hour or 2, book me for a night if you feel the need to have some real fun.

Looking forward to hearing from you. x

Sexy Escort in Hull for a Massage?

If your just needing to unwind and have some local fun in Hull then you need to call me and book and hour of pleasure. Whether you’re from Hull or visiting on business I can make sure the time you spend with me is well worth having.

If you have any special requests for outfits, role-playing themes or maybe a Girlfriend Experience just let me know before we meet and I’ll make it happen.

Looking forward to meeting with you very soon! x

Looking for Escorts in Hull?

Looking for Escorts in Hull and fancy a bit of fun?

I can come and make your day and lighten them mood if your feel a little tense today. Relax unwind and let me massage you into heaven.


New photos for sexy roleplay in Hull

Just looking through my last photo session and thought I’d add a few that I never posted here.

Looking at getting some more done soon and so should be fun!

If you interested in getting some saucy pics sent to you wearing a specific out fit in a certain roleplay then contact me and I can see what I can come up with for you x



Pre booking a session is always good

If you can pre-book me for some quality time, this gives you something to look forward to and plan what you’d like to do.

Maybe you’d like me to dress up in some sexy outfits or do a bit of roleplay as a nurse. You decide and rushing to book to see me in 30 minutes may not always be the ideal situation.

Book me as an escort for a massage session and maybe go for a whole 2 hours so not to feel 60 minutes will fly by. Call me now and see what day/night suites you best.

I am looking forward to seeing what ideas and plans you have for me to act out!

Escorts in Hull

If you sat at home or in a hotel in Hull and fancy a different night with a bit of fun – call me!

I’m an independent local girl who loves to please you and be your fantasy girl.

Independant Escort in Hull? That will be me :o)

Wanting a massage with a local Hull Escort?

Hi Boys, wanting to relax and get all the tension out of your body? I’m based in Hull and can offer the perfect 1 or 2 hours you’ve had in a long time.

Contact me and lets spend some fun time together soon! x

Fantasy Hands

I’m laid in a partly lit room it’s pretty dark and  I can’t really see much whilst I’m laid here.

Next to me is a blind fold, I put it on and lay back.

I hear the door open.

fantasy massage HullSomeone walks in and I hear them walk over, l can feel hands massaging my neck and then more and more hands begin touching me all over my body.

I can’t tell how many people are in the room touching me, though I don’t won’t it to stop as this is divine.

Just writing this is making me so wet and horny and my heart is increasing in speed .

Laid there I’m starting tremble and arch my back as I near a peak.

Theirs no sex, just hands, hands all over me!

I can feel myself about to orgasm.

to be continued……………….

Keep looking out for more posts.

Hope you enjoy my story as much as I did xx

Looking for independent Escorts in Hull?

If your looking for a local escort thats independent in Hull then I think you’ve found one! I can accompany you to meals, hotels, and make the whole time very special.

You may just want someone to spend time with at your hotel if you’re in Hull on business, if yes then I’m your girl!

Call now to book me in advance for a few hours fun!